Extra dimensional insight in GCSE answers. Rob Bell – Everything is Spiritual Tour

It’s a great video but if your busy just watch from 33 mins to 43 mins, this is a great example of a ‘disrupting-rationality’ kind of answer. Bell refers to bible text Ninja and the Predestination vs Free Will debate. When asked whether a Christian should believe in Predestination or Free Will, Bell answers “yes”. He kind of suggests its a two dimensional question that needs a third dimensional answer, and 2 dimensional rationality needs extra-dimensional insight. He uses a great example of a cylinder, a three dimensional object which in a 2 dimensional world is either a rectangle or a circle, but cannot be both (in a 2 dimensional world). To say so is irrational (in a 2 dimensional world). Maybe too many of our debates about theology and philosophy in RE classrooms are simply not extra-dimensional enough?

When you next see one of those ‘this or that’ GCSE question burgers, add some extra-dimensional insight sauce and break loose from those for/against 2 dimensional rationality answers.


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