Encouraging open unlimited enquiry



There are lots of reasons I like this video and one of them is that it offers a positive way of thinking about RE. It is lively and dramatic and somehow manages to create a sense of a provocation that demands a response, without determining exactly the kind of response that should be. It invites a serious engagement, one that takes seriously the subject matter, recognises its significance and it controversially. It invites open, charitable engagement, open to the possibility of something enriching, without any attempt to smooth over the rough edges. It’s absolutely ‘in your face’ but not in a way that bashes your head. It asks an open question, and invites the viewer to approach with an open and enquiring mind. It dos not shy away from the reality that those approaching will see differences depending on their belief, nor that there is a political dimension to the impact of the Bible. It does not place limits on the destination of the learner. I think it captures part of the essence of religious education.




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